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Welcome to Atlantis Private Investigations, your trusted provider of exceptional private investigator services tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our team of skilled investigators leverages their extensive experience to ensure comprehensive and thorough investigations. Our services cater to both individuals and businesses, providing crucial support to uncover the truth.

How Can a Private Investigator Help You?

Background Checks and Due Diligence Safeguard your personal and professional relationships with our meticulous background checks and due diligence services. At Atlantis Private Investigations, we employ private investigators with access to multiple databases, delivering comprehensive information about individuals, including criminal records, employment history, and education. Our detailed reports equip you with the information necessary for informed decisions.

Surveillance and Monitoring Services Should you harbor suspicions about your partner's or employee's activities, our surveillance and monitoring services can provide the substantial evidence you need. Our investigators are proficient in discreetly obtaining photographs, videos, and audio recordings to document any dubious actions, leveraging cutting-edge technology and techniques for a high standard of evidence collection.

Missing Persons and Skip Tracing The loss of a loved one can be a profound emotional ordeal. Our dedicated team utilizes sophisticated techniques and resources to locate missing persons. Additionally, our expertise extends to skip tracing to locate individuals attempting to evade legal actions or have deliberately vanished. Our commitment lies in reuniting families and providing closure.

Infidelity Investigations Suspected infidelity can trigger immense emotional strain. Our empathetic private investigators handle such cases with the utmost sensitivity. We aim to help you ascertain your partner's fidelity through discreet surveillance, background research, and evidence gathering.

Workplace Investigations Businesses confront various challenges, including fraud, cyber-theft, internal theft, or unauthorized sharing of confidential information. Atlantis Investigations offers tailored corporate investigation services to meet these challenges head-on. Our thorough investigations identify potential risks, monitor employee behavior, and ensure compliance with company policies, thus safeguarding your business's reputation and assets.

Services for Sovereign Nations Explore the professional services offered by Atlantis Private Investigations, a Native American owned private investigation agency with comprehensive experience serving tribal communities. We provide specialized investigation services for sovereign nations in Fresno, recognizing and addressing their unique challenges while respecting their cultural sensitivities.

Digital Investigation Services As technology advances, digital investigation services gain increasing significance. Our digital investigation services push the boundaries of technology to solve crimes, recover lost data, and gather evidence. Our experts are adept at extracting information from various digital platforms, ensuring no digital footprint is overlooked.

Asset Discovery and Analysis Understanding the full financial picture of an individual or entity is critical, particularly in litigation or support cases. Our asset discovery and analysis services involve thorough research to uncover hidden assets, evaluate net worth, and provide valuable insight for legal proceedings.

Family Law Investigation Services Navigating the complexities of divorce requires addressing multiple aspects. Atlantis Private Investigations assists you through our specialized family law investigation services in Fresno. We conduct detailed investigations, gather evidence, and provide expert testimony to support your case.

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