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About Atlantis Private Investigations

California's Premier Detective Agency

Atlantis Private Investigations has earned its reputation as a leader in the private investigation sector across California. Beginning in Central Valley, our focus on providing exceptional, reliable service has allowed us to expand our services throughout California, across the United States, Canada, Central and South America. Our team excels in detailed work, from the simplest backgrounds to the most complex internal audits. We're the trusted choice for anyone needing dependable investigative support.

Our Growth Story

The evolution of Atlantis Private Investigations is a tale of growth through persistence and hard work. Starting as a partnership dedicated to premium service, we have evolved into a hallmark of investigative excellence in California. While awards like “Best Private Investigator” fill our shelves, our true accomplishment is the trust and satisfaction of our clients. At the forefront is Michael Braa, our CEO and Founder, whose background as a lawyer and innovative approach to investigations has garnered recognition across major television networks and publications.

Choosing Atlantis

Choosing Atlantis means choosing a promise - a promise to deliver consistency, professionalism, and first-rate service. Our commitment is reflected in our meticulous case handling, innovative research techniques, and robust evidence gathering. We’ve maintained an untarnished client satisfaction record -- a standing testament to our dedication.

Our Elite Team

Our agency represents a carefully selected network of top professionals. This includes former special forces members, retired detectives, and leading experts in technology and cybersecurity. With Atlantis, clients receive the collective expertise of a team designed to meet the unique challenges of their cases.

Michael Braa: A Dedicated Professional

Michael Braa is more than our leader; he is the embodiment of Atlantis Private Investigations' ethos. Born in Fresno, California, and a Navy veteran, Michael's path has been one of diverse experiences and overcoming challenges. A UC Berkeley graduate and a former attorney, Michael redirected his career towards private investigations after being disbarred. A slow and often painful journey of rediscovery, channeling his knowledge into a field where thoroughness and consistency are paramount.

In 2011, he established Atlantis Private Investigations, building it into a symbol of investigative reliability. His business acumen further shone through with the acquisition of the Los Banos Enterprise in 2022, reinforcing his commitment to investigative journalism and community service.

A proud member of the Muskogee Nation Indian Tribe, Michael's cultural heritage plays a significant role in his life and work. Known across the Central Valley for his frequent media appearances, he remains committed to the community through his various business and philanthropic activities, always guided by a steadfast commitment to integrity and service.

Michael is a proud father, grandfather, veteran, Christian, and Native American.

(Discover more about Michael's journey by watching this video, where he talks about his roots in the valley, facing adversity, and finding his purpose.)

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As a private investigator, or private detective, my practice includes civil and criminal litigation, missing persons.

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