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Atlantis Private Investigations: California's Premier Detective Agency

Who We Are From the beaches of Southern California to the majestic redwoods of the North, Atlantis Private Investigations has made its mark as a leading private investigation agency. Our journey began in the heart of Central Valley, but our commitment to excellence and results allowed us to expand our reach throughout the entire state. Whether it's diving deep into intricate internal audits or meticulously piecing together the clues to find a missing person, we are the first port of call for individuals and businesses who demand thorough and trustworthy investigative support.

Our Evolution The tale of Atlantis is one of transformation and tenacity. Building Atlantis Private Investigations was a story of Faith, overcoming adversity, and some old-fashioned hard work. What once was a partnership with a single-minded focus on providing concierge-level services has grown, both in size and stature, to become a benchmark for investigative services in California. Our trophy cabinet boasts of awards such as the “Best Private Investigator”, but our true pride lies in the countless success stories and satisfied clients. Spearheading our mission is CEO and Founder Michael Braa, a former lawyer and rebel in the world of private investigations. With frequent appearances on major networks like ABC, NBC, and CBS, and publications such as the Fresno Bee, he embodies our agency's dedication to excellence.

Why Atlantis? Atlantis is not just another detective agency; we are a commitment. A commitment to our clients, to the truth, and to unparalleled service. At the core of our operations is an unyielding focus on client needs. This means we don't just take on a case; we delve into it, strategizing every move, ensuring each step is well-planned and executed to perfection. In this digital age, where misinformation is rampant, we have refined our research methodologies to stand out. We double-check, cross-reference, and ensure that every piece of information we provide is rock-solid. Each interview we conduct is recorded with precision, and every piece of evidence we present can weather the harshest legal scrutiny. If you doubt our commitment, just look at our reviews. We may not be loved by everyone, but we have never had a negative review from one of our clients.

Assembling The Best in the Business Atlantis is not just a team; it's a dynamic network. We've spent years forging relationships with some of the most astute minds in the investigative realm. Our roster boasts of former special forces operatives, who bring unparalleled field expertise; retired law enforcement detectives, whose experience in cracking complex cases is invaluable; and industry leaders ranging from web design maestros to cybersecurity wizards. When you bring a case to us, you're not just hiring an investigator — you're commissioning a team, handpicked and tailored to cater to the unique intricacies and demands of your situation.

In a world where the art of traditional sleuthing meets the prowess of modern investigative techniques, Atlantis Private Investigations stands as a beacon, lighting the way to truth and justice.

(For more about Michael, watch this video where he discusses growing up in the valley, overcoming adversity, and finally finding his place in the world.)

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As a private investigator, or private detective, my practice includes civil and criminal litigation, missing persons.

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