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Family Law Investigation Services

Family Law Investigation Services

During the complex process of divorce, multiple aspects need to be addressed, such as asset division, income evaluation, earning potential, support recalculations, post-separation cohabitation, and child welfare concerns. We serve as a reliable source for gathering, assessing, and presenting the evidence essential to assist you and your family in moving forward. Our team of licensed private investigators is well-versed in the legal framework and guidelines necessary to ensure the evidence we collect is admissible in court.

Asset Location & Verification for Fair Divorce Settlements

A fair and equitable division of assets is crucial during a divorce. Both parties are required to provide full and transparent disclosure of their assets early in the proceedings. In cases involving alimony or child support, there is a continuous duty to update each other on income fluctuations or child-related expenses. Our private investigators are experienced in verifying assets when additional evidence is required due to inaccurate or incomplete disclosures, or when assets are deliberately concealed. For more information and pricing, visit our Asset Page.

Cohabitation Investigations & Alimony Adjustments

Alimony payments can be significantly impacted by cohabitation. Our skilled investigators frequently gather evidence of cohabitation, primarily through surveillance and other investigative techniques. For details on surveillance and pricing, explore our Surveillance Page.

Ensuring Child Welfare & Safety during Divorce

The safety and welfare of children are paramount. Atlantis Private Investigations collaborates with state and federal law enforcement agencies to identify and prosecute child predators and domestic violence offenders. We offer testimony and documentary evidence to support claims of child endangerment and court order violations and have helped locate runaway teenagers.

Alimony, Child Custody & Support Modifications

A "change of circumstances" may warrant alterations in alimony or child support payments. These may include a new job or salary increase for your former partner or changes in your income or child-related expenses. Our investigators can obtain verifying evidence when external verification is necessary.

Catching Infidelity & Cheating Partners with Private Investigation

As experienced private investigators, we have handled numerous infidelity and cheating cases. We employ a range of intelligence-gathering methods, such as surveillance, computer forensics, financial accounting, and more, to uncover cheating partners. Some potential signs of infidelity include:

  1. Increased time away from home
  2. Reduced sexual interest
  3. Distraction and daydreaming
  4. Unavailability at work
  5. Attending new events alone
  6. Delayed return of phone calls
  7. Secretive computer usage
  8. Unexplained receipts and payments
  9. Suspicious phone messages and numbers

While individual signs might not be definitive proof, a pattern of behavior changes could indicate a cheating partner. Trust our expertise to help you uncover the truth.

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