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Asset Investigations

Locating assets is a little bit of art, aided by technology, and governed by imagination. Identification of ownership of real estate, safety deposit boxes, bank accounts, stocks & bonds

Background Checks

The most common background report requested is a general report of investigation with criminal history.

Business Solutions

here is a reason that the Federal Government utilizes 17 different intelligence agencies (that we know of). Chances are your company already uses a form of intelligence in its day-to-day operations

Digital Forensics

There is no better source of information regarding an individual than the electronic data contained within a mobile device. Inside the encrypted data on a phone, you can find location information, usernames, passwords, emails, search history, and messages

Family Law

Throughout the dissolution process, questions regarding the division of assets, relative income of each partner, a partner’s ability to earn, changing support calculations, cohabitation after separation, and child welfare remain relevant.


As private investigators, we have handled scores of infidelity or "cheater" cases. The signs are not difficult to spot. For instance, changing phone habits, such as never leaving it unattended, adding a password, walking out of the room to take phone call

Missing Persons

A "missing person" is simply someone you cannot find. It may be a friend from high school, an old flame, or something compelling and urgent - like a runaway child.

Private Investigation

Our investigators have worked on criminal and civil lawsuits, helped businesses prosecute embezzlers, vetted employees and assisted in the arrest and prosecution of criminals.


Our investigators regularly perform surveillance investigations for major corporations, law enforcement, insurance companies and private individuals.

Tribal Investigations

As a Native American owned private investigation agency, we have extensive experience in providing a wide range of investigative services to clients across various industries, including Native American tribes.

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As a private investigator, or private detective, my practice includes civil and criminal litigation, missing persons.

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