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Comprehensive Background Investigation Services

Here at Atlantis Private Investigations, LLC, we pride ourselves on our adeptness in conducting in-depth and insightful background investigations. We delve deeper than surface level information to provide an inclusive understanding of an individual's past, professional trajectory, and other critical aspects of their life. Our meticulous investigations can uncover details spanning from criminal records to professional licenses, prior bankruptcies, liens, judgments, political affiliations, and beyond. Leveraging reliable and authoritative resources such as TLO, IDI, Delvepoint, LexisNexis, and Tracers, we ascertain that all collected data is accurate, contemporary, and adheres strictly to privacy laws and regulations.

The Indispensability of Background Checks

Background checks are essential for various circumstances, including:

Prospective Tenants: Property owners and management companies can utilize background checks to assess the financial responsibility and criminal history of potential tenants, safeguarding their investment.

Business Partnerships or Investments: Conduct a thorough investigation into the character, activities, and potential risks of individuals or organizations before entering into a business relationship or investment.

Employment Screening: Gain an understanding of an applicant's prior work history, reliability, and potential threats to your organization with our comprehensive background check services.

Professional History Verification: Promote transparency and mitigate potential risks in sensitive positions by authenticating education credentials, past employment records, and potential ties with competitors.

Person Locates: Utilize the power of our comprehensive background checks to locate a long-lost friend or someone who owes you money.

Our Validation Approach

Our investigators meticulously authenticate the information gathered, utilizing an array of tools and methodologies. For instance, when verifying phone numbers and addresses, we will call to ensure the information's veracity. We might also carry out interviews with relevant individuals to cross-check and validate the data obtained during the background investigation. The more information you can provide us with, the more precise and exhaustive our background investigation will be.

Types of Background Checks We Offer

Depending on your specific requirements, we offer various types of background checks:

Tenant Screening: This service helps property owners and management companies gauge the financial reliability and criminal history of prospective tenants.

Business Opportunities or Investments: Gain valuable insights into a person's or organization's profile, activities, and associations before making a significant investment or entering a business partnership.

Prospective Employee Screening: Learn about potential employees' past employment, financial circumstances, and job stability to make an informed hiring decision.

Professional History Verification: Authenticate professionals' educational qualifications, previous employers, and potential associations with competitors, ensuring transparency and mitigating risks.

Person Locates: Utilize the expertise of our private investigators to locate an individual using their name, date of birth, and any other information available.

Our Process

Initiating a background check with us is straightforward. Begin by filling out our free consultation form available on our website. Upon submission, we assign a qualified private investigator to your case. They will gather the necessary information, formulate a strategic action plan, and maintain regular updates throughout the investigation. Once the investigation concludes, we compile a comprehensive, accurate report, and ensure the utmost professionalism and confidentiality from start to finish.

Background Check Packages We Offer

We offer a variety of background check packages tailored to different needs:

General Background with Criminal History: This package includes a general investigative report alongside detailed criminal history.

Executive Level Screenings: Comprehensive screening for high-level employees, incorporating exhaustive research and interviews, emphasizing employment history, financial integrity, and personal responsibility.

Security Level Screenings: A rigorous background check modeled after high-level government security clearance standards.

Election Screenings: Focusing on the integrity, competence, consistency, and allegiance of both elected and appointed government positions.

Dossiers: This package provides an extensive collection of investigative reports, encapsulating records, events, historical details, activities, and surveillance on a specific individual or event.

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