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At Atlantis Private Investigations, LLC, we offer exceptional private investigator services with an unparalleled focus on asset discovery and analysis. Our team is highly skilled in identifying ownership of various assets, including real estate, bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, stocks and bonds, as well as other concealed wealth. We take pride in our comprehensive approach to asset investigations, which goes beyond simple asset location and recovery. We employ technology, intuition, and imagination to conduct meticulous asset searches, analyze data, and protect assets from loss or damage. 

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Our services include a detailed forensic evaluation of an individual or entity's financial standing, encompassing debt and spending analysis and surveillance. We also offer expert analysis and verification services, which are accompanied by courtroom testimony and provide crucial support in cases related to spousal and child support. Our team has a thorough understanding of asset protection practices, enabling us to provide an in-depth, holistic analysis of your financial status.  We are a reliable partner for asset discovery and analysis, equipped to provide high-quality services across the United States, in U.S. territories, or in specified overseas locations. We have been trusted by large corporations, major insurance companies, and law firms to provide forensic asset reports that are comprehensive and invaluable in preparing for litigation or judgment collection efforts. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and search capabilities, which encompass a wide range of asset types, including bank accounts (local and international), stocks and bonds, 401k accounts, safety deposit boxes, insurance coverage, annuities, salary/earnings history and other income, current employment details, vehicle ownership, real property deeds, inventory & equipment, UCC-1 filings, liens, judgments, and bankruptcies, and child support obligations and mortgages. 

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We believe that affordability should not compromise service quality. That's why we offer transparent pricing for comprehensive asset location services. Our pricing for asset location services begins at under $300 for a statewide bank search. For other searches such as insurance coverage or brokerage account information, costs range between $300 and $700 per search. We also offer customized packages tailored to match your specific requirements. All our pricing is transparent, provided upfront, and backed by our written price guarantee. Trust Atlantis Private Investigations, LLC for diligent, precise, and comprehensive asset investigations.

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