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Welcome to Atlantis Private Investigations, LLC. Our firm, proudly 100% Native American-owned, specializes in addressing the unique challenges of tribal communities. With a three-time recognition as the "Best PI Firm," we excel in a range of services from surveillance to advanced cyber investigations, ensuring thorough attention to your specific needs.

Our skilled team combines cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of legal intricacies, providing top-tier services without unnecessary expenditures. We hold a deep respect for your community's traditions, ensuring our methods align with cultural sensitivities.

Facing a complex issue? Seeking solutions that honor your heritage? Reach out to us. Click here or call for assistance tailored to your situation, delivered with a commitment to precision and integrity.

Championing Tribal Rights

As a Native American owned business, we understand the intricate issues of sovereignty, land rights, and cultural preservation. At Atlantis Private Investigations, our team's extensive experience in these areas ensures that your tribe's interests are not just protected, but fiercely advocated for.

Intellectual Property and Brand Protection:

  • Protecting tribal symbols and intellectual property from unauthorized use.
  • Investigating cases of brand misuse or counterfeit products.

Cultural Heritage Protection in Business Contexts:

  • Ensuring businesses respect and uphold tribal cultural values.
  • Investigating misuse of cultural elements in business settings.

Sovereignty and Land Rights Related to Business Operations:

  • Handling legal matters related to land rights for business expansions.
  • Investigating disputes involving natural resources and business operations.

Unmatched Confidentiality

We don't just promise confidentiality; we guarantee it. Atlantis Private Investigations is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of discretion in all our engagements, ensuring your tribe's sensitive matters remain secure.

Compliance Audits for Tribal Businesses:

  • Ensuring tribal businesses comply with relevant laws and regulations.
  • Auditing for adherence to tribal ordinances and ethical standards.

Fraud and Embezzlement Investigations:

  • Uncovering fraudulent activities affecting tribal businesses.
  • Investigating embezzlement cases within businesses.

Criminal Investigations:

  • Handling criminal matters arising within or against tribal businesses.
  • Collaborating with law enforcement as needed for comprehensive resolution.

Full Spectrum of Services:

Our range of services is as varied as the needs of Native American tribes. From ordinance audits to criminal investigations, background checks, surveillance, workplace investigations, asset searches, and fraud investigations – we cover it all. We work with you to tailor our approach, ensuring effective solutions for your unique challenges.

Workplace Investigations:

  • Conducting thorough investigations into workplace misconduct.
  • Investigating allegations of harassment, discrimination, and policy violations.

Asset Searches and Financial Investigations:

  • Tracing business assets and uncovering financial discrepancies.
  • Investigating financial fraud within tribal businesses.

Surveillance Services for Business Security:

  • Implementing surveillance to address security concerns in business premises.
  • Utilizing advanced technology for monitoring and evidence gathering.

Strict Adherence to Legal and Ethical Standards

Atlantis Private Investigations is not only professional but also unwaveringly ethical and compliant with Tribal Constitutions, ordinances, and laws. We respect tribal sovereignty, ensuring all investigations are conducted with the highest integrity.


What Types of Workplace Investigations Does Atlantis Private Investigations Specialize In?

Answer: Atlantis Private Investigations specializes in a comprehensive range of workplace investigations. These include handling allegations of misconduct, harassment, discrimination, and policy violations. Our team is adept at conducting these investigations with the utmost discretion and professionalism, ensuring thoroughness and fairness for your tribal business's specific needs.

How Extensive Are Your Background Checks for Potential Employees?

Answer: Our background checks are thoroughly comprehensive, tailored to the specific requirements of tribal businesses. We conduct detailed verifications of potential employees' credentials, criminal history, employment history, and more. This is especially crucial for positions in sensitive areas like casinos and security, ensuring that your hiring decisions are informed and secure.

Can Atlantis Private Investigations Assist in Financial Fraud Investigations Within Tribal Business Entities?

Answer: Absolutely. We have extensive expertise in uncovering and investigating financial fraud, embezzlement, and financial discrepancies within business settings. Our investigative team uses sophisticated techniques to trace assets, analyze financial records, and reveal any irregularities or illegal activities, providing you with clear and detailed insights.

What Measures Does Your Agency Take to Ensure Compliance With Tribal Laws in Investigations?

Answer: Ensuring compliance with Tribal Constitutions, ordinances, and applicable laws is fundamental to our investigative approach. We conduct every investigation with a profound respect for tribal sovereignty and cultural values, collaborating closely with tribal authorities and legal advisors to ensure that our investigations are conducted ethically and in full legal compliance.

How Does Atlantis Private Investigations Handle Investigations Involving Sensitive Cultural and Intellectual Property Issues?

Answer: We approach investigations involving cultural and intellectual property with high sensitivity and respect for tribal heritage. Our investigations into unauthorized use of tribal symbols, artifacts, or cultural elements are carried out with utmost respect, ensuring that businesses within and outside the community uphold and respect these important cultural values.

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