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Native American Reserve Private Investigator

Looking for a reliable private investigation firm in California? Atlantis Private Investigations, LLC has been setting the gold standard in investigative services for over a decade. Voted "Best PI Firm" for three consecutive years, we offer a wide range of services—from personal surveillance and cyber forensics to corporate audits. Our seasoned investigators use cutting-edge technology and legal expertise to deliver meticulous, cost-effective results. Click here or fill out the form below to explore our core offerings and find the perfect solution to your unique problem.

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Native American Reserve Private Investigators

Expert Private Investigation Services in Native American Tribes

Atlantis Private Investigations is Native American owned. We have decades of experience in the legal and investigation fields and have been awarded “Best PI Firm” for the last three years. Our Native American private investigators provide investigation services for wrongful death, missing persons, insurance fraud, financial crimes, infidelity, child support and safety, child monitoring, asset checks, personal background checks, ordinance violations, criminal activity, internal audits, and more.

Private investigations on tribal lands are a complex and sensitive issue that requires a thorough understanding of tribal sovereignty, cultural protocols, and legal considerations. Tribal lands are considered sovereign nations within the United States, and as such, they have their own laws, courts, and law enforcement agencies. This means that private investigators who want to operate on tribal lands must comply with the specific rules and regulations of the tribe.

Atlantis Private Investigations will make each assignment in a timely, expert, and cost-effective manner. The private investigators at Atlantis handle, process, effectively evaluate, and present our findings with assurances of completeness and correctness. Our private investigators are hired by governments, businesses, law enforcement, and private citizens.

What does Atlantis Private Investigations offer?

Atlantis Private Investigations, we can take on most private investigation assignments; although we are very selective in the cases and clients we work with.

Some of the services that we provide to our clients are:

  • Surveillance
  • Ordinance Violations
  • Digital forensics
  • Missing persons
  • Backgrounds
  • Family law
  • Violations of Criminal Law
  • Asset investigations
  • Business Audits and Internal Investigations
  • Corporate and Attorney Services

Hiring A Native American Private Investigator for Missing Persons

What does it mean by "missing persons investigation"? It can simply mean finding or locating a runaway child, an old school friend, the defendant or respondent in legal proceedings, or important documents. All these things can be found by a private investigator, so if you need help finding them, you should think about hiring one.

We are a private investigator, who has worked in cooperation with law enforcement, other private investigators, and family members to find missing people. We are often asked to find hidden assets, help lawyers find debtors and scofflaws, and help families find lost heirs and siblings who were adopted.

Our private investigators can:

  • Verify current and prior address information
  • Find automobiles associated with subjects
  • Locate cell phones
  • Run license plate numbers through our network of cameras covering the United States
  • Perform “knock-and-talks” at homes and places of employment
  • Serve documents on hard-to-find individuals
  • Skip Trace services
  • Service of process with a registered process server.

Hiring A Native American Private Investigator For Family Law

Most people place protecting their families ahead of anything else, so extreme measures are often taken. For some, this involves employing the services of a private investigator to collect, evaluate, and disseminate the evidence you need to help your family.

The private investigators can:

  • Perform asset searches
  • Locate and verify banking information
  • Provide cost-of-living analysis
  • Identify vehicles
  • Child visitation monitoring
  • Child welfare investigations
  • Verify cohabitation
  • Infidelity investigations
  • Alimony reviews
  • Child custody and support investigations

Hiring A Native American Private Investigator for Background Checks

In an age of digitalization, it is getting easier to hide someone's identity or fake it. A private investigator can do background checks and give you a heads up when something is not right. There are various categories of background checks that private investigators in Fresno CA can offer, from basic to comprehensive.

  • General background with criminal history
  • Executive-level screenings
  • Security-level screenings
  • Election screenings
  • Dossiers

Hiring A Native American Private Investigator for Business Investigations

There are other private investigators offering business investigations but we are a little different. We do more than internal investigations, our private investigators in Fresno are frequently asked to review of potential buyers' assets, conduct company-wide audits, research into public records to find out how officials tend to vote, or research into how much money people or companies have given to political campaigns or ballot initiatives.

To deliver these, our private investigators in Fresno CA have segregated our services into four general categories:

  • Internal investigations
  • Employment vetting
  • Opposition research (self-vulnerability analysis)
  • Asset identification/location

Other common services that are commonly requested are:

  • secret-shopper operations to test employees' honesty or loyalty
  • counter-surveillance to limit competitors' access to information
  • creating a personal dossier prior to a major contract negotiation.

Hiring A Native American Private Investigator for Asset Investigations

Asset investigations involve the identification of the ownership of real estate, safe deposit boxes, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and alter egos. This is an important first step in preparing an asset analysis. Locating assets is a bit of an art for a private investigator in Fresno CA because getting the entire picture is a comprehensive task. It becomes easier with the assistance of investigative tools such as debt and spending analysis and surveillance, as well as an understanding of asset protection practices.

We have undertaken projects for large corporations, major insurance companies, and law firms in anticipation of litigation or attempts to collect judgments. Our private investigators in Fresno CA provide our clients with a forensic mosaic of a subject’s true financial picture. Our services include:

  • Child support
  • Alimony/Family Support
  • Debtor information
  • Liens/Judgements
  • Bankruptcies
  • Real property searches
  • Vehicle searches
  • Business affiliations
  • Bank searches
  • Brokerage account search

Cost of Hiring a Native American Private Investigator

The budget of the project depends on the difficulty involved and the time it takes to finish. Each private investigation service requires a distinct set of skills, tools, and time. Sometimes cases only need one private investigator, and it may cost less. But sometimes cases demand two investigators because of the time frame in which you want your investigation to be finished.

The region in which a private investigator is going to work, that can also affect the price. Because each state has its own set of laws, private investigators need to work according to those rules.

The price for services for a private investigator is different depending on the type of investigation (i.e., cheaters, missing persons, family law, background checks, business investigations, and asset investigations) and location; but to give you a rough idea, most cases will range from $2,500 - $7,500 for a private investigator.

Native American Tribes Private Investigator Services

Atlantis Investigations offers a variety of Private Investigation services in Native American Tribes, tailored for our clients' needs. Please review the following case types below for more information on each of these case types offered. It should be noted that some of the following services offered by Discreet Services may have certain restrictions due to local and federal laws regarding private investigation services.

Asset Discovery and Analysis

Our Experienced Private investigators who perform Asset Discovery and Analysis services in Native American Tribes can obtain information related to:

  • Evidence of infidelity
  • Video or photographic evidence of the Subject with someone else

Background Checks and Screening Services

Discover our wide range of background check and screening services, designed to provide the highest level of scrutiny and ensure the integrity of your organization.

Workplace Investigations

Explore a wide array of specialized private investigation services for modern businesses. From corporate investigations, due diligence, and fraud detection to cybersecurity, we offer customized solutions to safeguard your enterprise.

Digital Investigation Services

Atlantis Investigations provides comprehensive digital investigation services that push the boundaries of technology to solve crimes, gather evidence, and recover lost data.

Family Law Investigation Services

During the complex process of divorce, multiple aspects need to be addressed, such as asset division, income evaluation, earning potential, support recalculations, post-separation cohabitation, and child welfare concerns.

Services for Sovereign Nations

Discover Atlantis Private Investigations, a Native American owned private investigation agency with extensive experience in serving tribal communities.

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