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"Atlantis Private Investigations is a Native American and veteran owned private investigation firm in California. We are the preferred investigative firm for complex internal audits, litigation support, DFEH compliant workplace investigations, tribal government support, locating missing persons, insurance fraud, financial crimes, asset checks, personal background checks, family support and child monitoring."

Client Focused

"Atlantis Private Investigations differs from traditional investigative firms because of our client-focused approach. We focus on client needs, offer a path to fulfill that need, and then back it in writing."

Our Principles

"The principles of investigative research were reconsidered in the age of information. With so many sources available and so much misinformation every fact presented needed to have multiple, reproducible sources. Interviews needed to be either recorded or witnessed by a third party. Eyewitness accounts did not exist unless they were supported by video or photographic evidence. Moreover, every report had be prepared so that it could pass legal challenges regarding admissibility in a court of law.""

Investigative Solutions

As a private investigator or private detective, our investigation services include wrongful death, missing persons, insurance fraud, financial crimes, infidelity, child support and safety, child monitoring, asset checks, personal background checks, ordinance violations, criminal activity, internal audits, and more.

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Start a Free Consultation today and have a licensed Private Investigator review your case and come up with an action plan on how we may obtain the information you are looking for. All consultations carry the same level of confidentiality we apply to all our of clients cases.

Featured Investigation Locations

Atlantis Investigaitons is full-service Private Investigation company ready to start an investigation a number of different locations. We have experienced investigators and competitive prices with no hidden fees. If you need help somewhere you do not see listed, please fill out a free consultation and we will if we can still assist you with your investigation needs.

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As a private investigator, or private detective, my practice includes civil and criminal litigation, missing persons.

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