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Surveillance Services

Undertaking surveillance as a private investigator can be a high-risk occupation, as it demands constant attention on the target vehicle while navigating through traffic and capturing video footage. Attempting this on your own or requesting a friend or family member to do so can lead to accidents, traffic violations, and costly fines. To guarantee a safe and efficient surveillance process, it's crucial to hire a licensed and professional private investigator who possesses comprehensive liability insurance and state-of-the-art video equipment.

Our team of private investigators at Atlantis Private Investigations is well-acquainted with laws related to trespassing and privacy invasion. Trusting a professional investigator with your surveillance needs ensures you avoid legal troubles and remain discreet throughout the process. Moreover, a licensed private investigator serves as a credible witness when presenting evidence in civil or criminal court cases.

Atlantis Private Investigations is renowned for conducting surveillance for major corporations, law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, and private individuals. With thousands of hours of surveillance experience and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, we guarantee client confidentiality and effective surveillance without alerting the subject.

Our surveillance services are commonly requested for:

  1. Infidelity Investigations
  2. Employee Misconduct
  3. Insurance Fraud Detection
  4. Exposing Dishonest Business Partners
  5. Monitoring Minor & Adult Child Activities
  6. Drug or Alcohol Abuse Investigations
  7. Child Abuse & Neglect Cases
  8. Remote Employee Integrity Checks
  9. Cohabitation Verification
  10. Workers' Compensation Fraud Investigation

As industry leaders in surveillance, Atlantis Private Investigations offers extensive coverage across the continental United States and numerous countries abroad. We utilize a combination of manned surveillance teams, drone technology, and stationary cameras to cater to your unique circumstances and the environment.

Surveillance costs vary based on the scope of the investigation. Manned surveillance typically costs around $100 per hour, while stationary surveillance ranges from $50 to $500 per day, depending on equipment and location. Additional resources such as GPS tracking and remote viewing can reduce expenses and enhance efficiency.

Before initiating any surveillance services, Atlantis Private Investigations will develop an investigative plan and provide a written estimate detailing the hours of surveillance, equipment costs, and other associated fees. We ensure transparency by not exceeding the estimate without your approval. Trust Atlantis Private Investigations for all your surveillance needs, guaranteeing safety, confidentiality, and professionalism.

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