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Private Investigator Services in Santa Clara, CA - Atlantis Private Investigations

Private Investigator Services in Santa Clara, CA - Atlantis Private Investigations

Looking for a reliable private investigation firm in Santa Clara, California? Atlantis Private Investigations, LLC has been setting the gold standard in investigative services for over a decade. Voted "Best PI Firm" for three consecutive years, we offer a wide range of services—from personal background checks to complex corporate audits. Our seasoned investigators use cutting-edge technology and legal expertise to deliver meticulous, cost-effective results. Click here or fill out the form below to explore our core offerings and find the perfect solution to your unique problem.

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Private Investigator Services in Santa Clara, CA - Atlantis Private Investigations

Private Investigator in Santa Clara, CA - Atlantis Private Investigations

Atlantis Private Investigations is a leading private investigation firm serving Santa Clara and Silicon Valley. Renowned for decades of experience, we are the recipients of the “Best PI Firm” award for three consecutive years. Our private investigators specialize in handling intricate matters, providing comprehensive solutions that appeal to a discerning clientele, including high-profile professionals in technology and finance. We also extend our expertise to general services, catering to a broader audience in the community.

What Does Atlantis Private Investigations Offer in Santa Clara?

Operating in the heart of Silicon Valley, we provide discreet, reliable, and cost-effective investigation services for:

  • Surveillance and Security Assessments
  • Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigations
  • Asset Investigations and Financial Analysis
  • Family Law and Child Welfare Investigations
  • Corporate and Internal Business Audits
  • Comprehensive Background Checks and Screenings

We tailor our services to the unique requirements of each client, ensuring precision and integrity in every assignment.

Santa Clara’s Trusted Investigators for Relationship Matters

In Santa Clara, CA, Atlantis Private Investigations is a preferred choice for handling sensitive personal matters, including infidelity investigations. Our skilled investigators are adept at recognizing subtle signs and gathering evidence, including:

  • Locations and patterns of behavior
  • Video evidence and visual tracking
  • Identifying associated individuals
  • Providing comprehensive reports

Our expertise extends beyond relationship matters, offering assistance in personal well-being and safety considerations.

Locating Missing Persons in Santa Clara, CA

Whether seeking a long-lost friend or vital legal documents, Atlantis Private Investigations in Santa Clara has an established track record in locating missing persons. We employ advanced investigative techniques such as:

  • Verifying addresses and connections
  • Locating cell phones and vehicles
  • Performing door-to-door inquiries
  • Serving legal documents on elusive individuals
  • Skip Trace and specialized location services

We collaborate with law enforcement, legal professionals, and families, finding solutions even in complex scenarios.

Family Law Expertise in Santa Clara, CA

Our commitment to family values resonates with our clients in Santa Clara. Atlantis Private Investigators specialize in:

  • Asset Searches and Financial Analysis
  • Child Visitation Monitoring and Welfare Investigations
  • Infidelity Investigations and Cohabitation Verification
  • Alimony Reviews and Child Support Investigations

Our discreet approach ensures your family’s privacy while delivering the insights you need to make informed decisions.

Business and Corporate Investigations in Santa Clara, CA

In the business-centric environment of Silicon Valley, Atlantis Private Investigations offers:

  • Internal Investigations and Employment Vetting
  • Opposition Research and Asset Identification
  • Counter-Surveillance and Negotiation Insights

From startup due diligence to established corporation audits, we provide critical intelligence tailored to the unique business landscape of Santa Clara.

Asset Investigations in Santa Clara, CA

Asset investigations are essential for various legal and financial matters. Our specialized services include:

  • Support for Child Support and Alimony
  • Debtor Information and Liens/Judgments Assessments
  • Real Property, Vehicle, Bank, and Brokerage Searches

Our forensic approach unveils an accurate financial picture, serving large corporations, law firms, and private clients in Santa Clara.

Investment in a Private Investigator in Santa Clara, CA

Investing in a private investigator in Santa Clara, CA with Atlantis Private Investigations ensures quality and compliance. The cost varies based on the complexity and requirements, generally ranging from $5,000 - $7,500. Each investigation adheres to the state’s legal framework, reflecting the expertise and value we deliver.

Santa Clara Private Investigator Services

Atlantis Investigations offers a variety of Private Investigation services in Santa Clara, tailored for our clients' needs. Please review the following case types below for more information on each of these case types offered. It should be noted that some of the following services offered by Atlantis Investigations may have certain restrictions due to local and federal laws regarding private investigation services.

Services for Sovereign Nations

Discover Atlantis Private Investigations, a Native American owned private investigation agency with extensive experience in serving tribal communities.

Asset Discovery and Analysis

Our Experienced Private investigators who perform Asset Discovery and Analysis services in Santa Clara can obtain information related to:

  • Evidence of infidelity
  • Video or photographic evidence of the Subject with someone else

Background Checks and Screening Services

Private investigator background checks and screening services for businesses and individuals. We provide comprehensive and accurate reports to help you make informed decisions.

Digital Investigation Services

Expert digital and cybercrime investigations for individuals and businesses. We can recover lost data, identify perpetrators, and bring them to justice.

Family Law Investigation Services

Family law private investigator gathering evidence for child custody, divorce, co-habitation, child welfare, and other disputes.


Our Experienced Private investigators who perform Infidelity/Cheaters services in Santa Clara can obtain information related to:

  • Evidence of infidelity
  • Video or photographic evidence of the Subject with someone else

Missing Persons Investigation Services

Find missing persons fast with our experienced private investigators. We use the latest tools and techniques to locate missing persons of all ages and backgrounds.

Private Investigation

Our team of professional private investigators offer a wide range of services to help you uncover the truth. Contact us now to get started!

Surveillance and Monitoring Services

Discreet and professional surveillance services. Our private investigators are experts in gathering evidence and providing peace of mind. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to track down individuals and obtain video and photographic evidence

Workplace Investigations

Explore a wide array of specialized private investigation services for modern businesses. From corporate investigations, due diligence, and fraud detection to cybersecurity, we offer customized solutions to safeguard your enterprise.

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