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Private Investigator in Tulare

Expert Private Investigation Services in Tulare, CA

Atlantis Private Investigations is Tulare, CA's most reputable private investigative agency. We bring years of wisdom from legal and investigative professions to the table, and we've received the "Top Private Investigation Agency" accolade for the past three consecutive years. Our private detectives offer investigative services for a variety of cases such as wrongful death, missing individuals, insurance scams, fiscal misdeeds, unfaithfulness, child welfare and surveillance, asset verification, personal background assessments, and beyond. Atlantis Private Investigations guarantees that every case we undertake is completed in a swift, professional, and economical way. Our private detectives manage, analyze, and deliver our findings with utmost assurance of thoroughness and accuracy. Governments, businesses, law enforcement agencies, and private individuals alike seek our services.

What does Atlantis Private Investigations provide?

At Atlantis, we are prepared to tackle a wide range of private investigative assignments, albeit with discerning choice of cases and clients.

Here are some services we offer to our esteemed clientele:

  • Stealth monitoring
  • Adultery investigations
  • Cyber forensics
  • Locating missing individuals
  • Background verifications
  • Family legal services
  • Monitoring minors
  • Asset probes
  • Internal audits and business investigations
  • Corporate and Legal Services

Engaging a Private Investigator in Tulare, CA for Adultery Cases

As private Investigators in Tulare, CA, we've had numerous cases concerning infidelity or so-called "cheating" cases. The indicators are usually easy to spot. For example, alterations in phone use, never leaving the phone unattended, setting up a password, moving out of the room for phone calls, or a pattern of text messages seen in the phone bill. A surge in drug or alcohol usage - spending excessive time with friends who indulge in substances. Substance misuse is a significant red flag indicating potential infidelity. Similarly, modifications in sexual behavior are another sign. If your partner starts coming home from work freshly bathed, it may raise suspicions. These are merely a few indicators.

Our private Investigators in Tulare, CA can gather proof to reveal:

  • Individual's whereabouts during work hours or while away from home
  • Evidence of a cheating partner
  • Video proof of the individual when not at home
  • Identification of individuals of interest seen with the subject
  • Other evidence indicating unfaithfulness

Engaging a Private Investigator in Tulare, CA for Missing Persons Cases

What does a "missing persons investigation" imply? It could mean locating a runaway child, reconnecting with a former schoolmate, tracking down a defendant or respondent in legal proceedings, or retrieving crucial documents. A private Investigator can help you in locating all these, so consider hiring one if you need assistance.

As private Investigators in Tulare, CA, we've collaborated with law enforcement, other private Investigators, and family members to locate missing individuals. We're frequently requested to uncover hidden assets, assist attorneys in locating debtors and violators, and aid families in finding lost inheritors or siblings who were given up for adoption.

Our private Investigators in Tulare, CA can:

  • Confirm current and past address information
  • Identify vehicles associated with subjects
  • Locate mobile phones
  • Use our extensive camera network across the United States to run license plate checks
  • Perform "doorstep inquiries" at residences and workplaces
  • Deliver documents to elusive individuals
  • Offer skip tracing services
  • Serve process with a certified process server

Engaging a Private Investigator in Tulare, CA for Family Law Cases

The safety of their families is a priority for most people, and they often go to great lengths to ensure it. This can involve hiring a private Investigator in Tulare, CA to collect, examine, and disseminate the evidence needed to protect your family. Private Investigators in Tulare, CA can:

  • Execute asset searches
  • Locate and verify banking details
  • Conduct cost-of-living analysis
  • Identify vehicles
  • Monitor child visitation
  • Conduct child welfare investigations
  • Verify cohabitation
  • Conduct infidelity investigations
  • Review alimony payments
  • Conduct child custody and support investigations

Engaging a Private Investigator in Tulare, CA for Background Checks

In this digital era, it's becoming increasingly easy to conceal or falsify identities. A private Investigator in Tulare, CA can conduct background checks and alert you when something seems amiss. Private Investigators in Tulare, CA can offer various levels of background checks, ranging from basic to extensive.

  • Basic background checks with criminal history
  • High-level executive screenings
  • Security-level screenings
  • Election screenings
  • Detailed personal profiles

Engaging a Private Investigator in Tulare, CA for Business Investigations

While there are other private Investigators in Tulare, CA offering business investigations, our approach is unique. In addition to internal probes, our private Investigators in Tulare frequently perform assessments of prospective buyers' assets, conduct company-wide audits, delve into public records to discern voting tendencies of officials, or research monetary contributions to political campaigns or ballot initiatives. To meet these demands, our private Investigators in Tulare, CA have organized our services into four broad categories:

  • Internal probes
  • Employment screenings
  • Opposition research (self-vulnerability analysis)
  • Asset identification/location Some of the frequently requested services include:
  • Mystery-shopper operations to test employee integrity and loyalty
  • Counter-surveillance to restrict competitors' access to information
  • Creating a personal profile prior to significant contract negotiations.

Engaging a Private Investigator in Tulare, CA for Asset Investigations

Asset investigations entail determining ownership of real estate, safety deposit boxes, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and alternate identities. This is a critical preliminary step in preparing an asset analysis. For a private Investigator in Tulare, CA, locating assets requires an intricate blend of art and skill, as painting a complete financial portrait is an exhaustive task. However, with the aid of investigative tools like debt and expenditure analysis and surveillance, and knowledge of asset protection practices, it becomes manageable. We've executed projects for large corporations, leading insurance companies, and law firms in anticipation of litigation or collection efforts. Our private Investigators in Tulare, CA provide our clients with a detailed forensic snapshot of a subject’s actual financial state. Our services include:

  • Child support investigations
  • Alimony/Family Support investigations
  • Debtor information gathering
  • Liens/Judgements searches
  • Bankruptcy searches
  • Real property searches
  • Vehicle searches
  • Business affiliations research
  • Bank searches
  • Brokerage account search

Pricing for Hiring a Private Investigator in Tulare, CA

The project budget is influenced by the complexity and duration of the case. Each private investigative service demands a unique set of skills, resources, and time. Some cases may only need one private Investigator, resulting in lower costs, while others may require two due to the desired investigation timeline. The jurisdiction in which a private Investigator operates can also affect the pricing, as each state has its own regulations that private Investigators must comply with. The cost for hiring a private Investigator in Tulare, CA varies depending on the nature of the investigation (i.e., adultery, missing persons, family law, background checks, business investigations, and asset investigations). However, to provide a ballpark figure, most cases will typically cost between $2,500 - $7,500.

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