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Private Investigator in Irvine, CA | Atlantis Private Investigations

Looking for a reliable private investigation firm in Irvine, California? Atlantis Private Investigations, LLC has been setting the gold standard in investigative services for over a decade. Voted "Best PI Firm" for three consecutive years, we offer a wide range of services—from personal surveillance and cyber forensics to corporate audits. Our seasoned investigators use cutting-edge technology and legal expertise to deliver meticulous, cost-effective results. Click here or fill out the form below to explore our core offerings and find the perfect solution to your unique problem.

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Private Investigator in Irvine, CA – Atlantis Private Investigations

Atlantis Private Investigations is Irvine's most trusted private investigation firm, with decades of experience in legal and investigation fields. Recognized as the "Best PI Firm" for the last three years, our seasoned investigators offer a comprehensive range of investigation services, ensuring each assignment's timely, expert, and cost-effective execution.

What Does Atlantis Private Investigations Offer in Irvine, CA?

At Atlantis Private Investigations, we are selective about the cases and clients we work with, yet our extensive service range includes:

  • Surveillance
  • Cheaters/Infidelity Investigations
  • Digital Forensics
  • Missing Persons Tracking
  • Family Law Matters
  • Child Monitoring
  • Asset Investigations
  • Business Audits and Internal Investigations
  • Corporate and Attorney Services

Hiring an Atlantis Private Investigator in Irvine, CA for Cheaters

Spotting signs of infidelity is not always straightforward. Our private investigators in Irvine, CA can uncover evidence related to:

  • Location tracking
  • Signs of a cheating spouse
  • Video evidence
  • Identification of persons of interest
  • Additional evidence of infidelity

Hiring an Atlantis Private Investigator in Irvine, CA for Missing Persons

Missing persons investigations encompass a wide array of tasks. Our investigators can:

  • Verify addresses
  • Locate vehicles and cell phones
  • Run license plate numbers
  • Perform “knock-and-talks”
  • Serve documents on hard-to-find individuals
  • Skip Trace services
  • Service of process with a registered process server

Hiring an Atlantis Private Investigator in Irvine, CA for Family Law

Family protection is paramount. Our investigators in Irvine can:

  • Perform asset searches
  • Locate and verify banking information
  • Provide cost-of-living analysis
  • Child visitation monitoring
  • Child welfare investigations
  • Verify cohabitation
  • Infidelity investigations
  • Alimony reviews
  • Child custody and support investigations

Hiring an Atlantis Private Investigator in Irvine, CA for Background Checks

Background checks are critical in today's digital world. Our investigators in Irvine offer:

  • General background with criminal history
  • Executive-level screenings
  • Security-level screenings
  • Election screenings
  • Dossiers

Hiring an Atlantis Private Investigator in Irvine, CA for Business Investigations

Our business investigation services in Irvine include:

  • Internal investigations
  • Employment vetting
  • Opposition research
  • Asset identification/location

Hiring an Atlantis Private Investigator in Irvine, CA for Asset Investigations

Our comprehensive asset investigations in Irvine include:

  • Child support
  • Alimony/Family Support
  • Debtor information
  • Liens/Judgements
  • Bank searches
  • Brokerage account searches

Cost of Hiring a Private Investigator in Irvine, CA

Each investigation requires a unique set of skills and resources. Costs for our private investigator services in Irvine vary based on the investigation type, typically ranging from $5,000 - $7,500.

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