Fresno Private Investigator | Atlantis Private Investigations


Our investigators have worked on criminal and civil lawsuits, helped businesses prosecute embezzlers, vetted employees and assisted in the arrest and prosecution of criminals.

We believe that a private investigator should be more than just a gumshoe. That is why every investigator utilized by API is cross-trained in a specialty; such as surveillance, intelligence, criminal justice, electronic forensics and jurisprudence. Located in Fresno County, we serve the Central Valley of California.

Witness Location

Our investigators are renowned for finding missing persons - even when they do not want to be found. Atlantis Private Investigations is more than just a "skip tracing" service. We employ investigative means to find the most difficult of cases. Missing family, runaway teens, witnesses, and those most annoying debtors.

We have worked with some of the most well known corporations and law firms to find witnesses and individuals who owe money. Not only can we find the hard to find, but we are equipped to ascertain whether the subject is trying to hide assets.

Privatized Law Enforcement

Stalkers. TRO violations. Domestic Violence. These are just a few of the cases where our investigators have assisted in the collection, evaluation and dissemination of evidence to proper law enforcement personnel.

Law enforcement does not have the resources to follow around a possible stalker until caught. They rely on reporting of the victim and interviews with the suspect or other witnesses. We can catch them in the act, put it on video, and then testify in open court.

Similarly, if you have a restraining order against an individual who continuously violates the order, we can obtain the evidence necessary to provide to the proper authorities insuring action will be taken to break the cycle.