Missing Person Investigations Fresno

Missing Persons

A "missing person" is simply someone you cannot find. It may be a friend from high school, an old flame, or something compelling and urgent - like a runaway child. We have worked in cooperation with law enforcement, other private investigators, and family members to find missing people. We assist lawyers in locating debtors and deadbeats. We help families find lost heirs and adopted siblings. And when the call comes in that a child is missing, a loved one did not come home, or a student away doesn't answer the phone - we are there.

Service of Process

The majority of our calls to locate individuals is related to service of process. Prior to initiating legal proceedings, defendants or respondents need to be located and often personally handed documents. Sometimes, these people do not want to be found. Although it can be costly to hire a private investigator to find and serve someone, there are times that it is the only choice. When a call comes in to our office for location services, we normally try to find either a skip trace company or a process server to assist the client. These alternate services are more cost effective; however, sometimes we are the only option.

Runaways/Safety & Welfare

The first thing to do when a child or loved one goes missing is call the police. Follow their instructions, make sure you get a case number, and get contact information for the officer handling the situation. Access the missing person's social media accounts and monitor for activity. Also, if possible, obtain a call log from their phone.

Law enforcement does an exceptional job with missing persons but they are overwhelmed. We are not a replacement but another tool to assist in locating your loved one. In most cases, we find the missing individual before law enforcement simply because we are only working one case: Yours.

Enforcement of Judgment

In addition to locating individuals, we are often tasked with locating assets. Even when those assets are hidden. We can locate bank accounts, brokerage deposits, real estate, and other assets. We specialize in providing our clients with complete financial profiles, including businesses and employers. Even when money is paid under the table, we can track what a person is spending to reconstruct what they are making.


Our investigators are renowned for finding missing persons - even when they don't want to be found. Atlantis Private Investigations is more than just a "skip tracing" service. We employ investigative means to find the most difficult of cases. Missing family, runaway teens, witnesses, and those most annoying debtors.

We have worked with some of the most well known corporations and law firms to find witnesses and individuals who owe money. Not only can we find the hard to find, but we are equipped to ascertain whether the subject is trying to hide assets.