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Background Checks

The most common background report requested is a general report of investigation with criminal history. This report includes such items as name, date of birth, verification of social security, address history, deeds, foreclosures, judgements, liens, bankruptcies, driver’s license verification, utilities, business affiliations, voter registrations, relatives, known associates, social media data, and criminal history.

Executive Level Screening

Designed for high level employees, research and interviews are conducted with an emphasis on employment history, financial integrity, and personal responsibility. Candidates are strictly screened; former employers and references are interviewed.

Security Level Screening

The highest level of scrutiny and based upon the same process for high level government security clearances. Candidates complete a personal history questionnaire and are personally interviewed. Examinations may include such things as personal allegiance to the company, market influences or preferences, sexual behavior, financial integrity, alcohol/drug usage, psychological conditions, criminal conduct, outside activities. Candidates are also requested to provide access to social media platforms, fingerprints, and a complete DOJ criminal history. Former neighbors and colleagues are often interviewed.

Election Screenings

These research assignments focus on integrity, competence, consistency, and allegiance. Utilized for both elected and appointed government positions, the proposed candidate’s political history is carefully examined. Public documents are retrieved and examined for patterns of behavior or political leanings. Any prior civil or criminal history is closely examined (even minor traffic infractions) as well as campaign finance disclosures. If the candidate is running for elected office, all major donors are identified and carefully researched. Often times covert surveillance is also utilized.


Utilizing several investigative resources across multiple jurisdictions and disciplines, information is collected on a specific person or event. A dossier may take several months or even years to complete. Ultimately, a comprehensive collection of investigative reports detailing numerous records, events, historical details, activities, and surveillance, are compiled.

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