Crime Investigations Fresno

Criminal Defense Investigators

Private investigators are used by Public Defenders, District Attorney's, & some private Attorneys. District Attorney's enjoy an overabundance of investigative services from law enforcement to their own private investigative staff. If you have been accused of a crime and have a Public Defender, then you might get a little time with an investigator depending on the severity of the crime and whether the Public Defender decides it will do any good. It is unquestionable that the best criminal defense begins with a well trained Private Investigator. The prosecution will have investigators - you should too!

When to Hire a Criminal Defense Investigator

We believe a Private Investigator is a necessary part of any proper defense. However, we are often called on under the following instances:

  • * Collecting, evaluating, and preparing evidence for use in the courtroom
  • * Lack of cooperation, effort, or satisfactory results from law enforcement
  • * Interview of witnesses
  • * Independent examination and evaluation of the facts and circumstances
  • * Surveillance
  • * Record searches, background or location of witnesses


Our Private Investigators have experience in a wide range of criminal investigations. If you have been accused of anything listed below, contact our office for a free evaluation.

  • * Murder
  • * Robbery
  • * Aggravated Assault
  • * Other Violent Crimes
  • * Drug Crimes
  • * Burglary
  • * Larceny
  • * Theft
  • * Motor Vehicle Theft (GTA)
  • * Arson
  • * Vandalism
  • * Fraud
  • * Embezzlement
  • * DForgery/Counterfeiting
  • * Child Abuse & Neglect
  • * High Jacking of Commercial Vehicles
  • * Weapons Violations
  • * Identity Theft
  • * Assault with Bodily Injury
  • * Domestic Violence
  • *Resisting Arrest
  • *Obscenity
  • *Stolen Property (buying, receiving, possessing)