Counter Intelligence & Investigative Solutions Fresno


Intelligence, in this context, is the effective collection, evaluation, and dissemination of information from reliable sources. Good intelligence = good decisions. Bad intelligence = bad decisions. There is a reason that the Federal Government utilizes 17 different intelligence agencies (that we know of). Chances are your company already uses a form of intelligence in its day-to-day operations; it is commonly referred to as your marketing strategy. Demographic information is collected, evaluated in the context of your product or service, and then disseminated in the form of an advertisement. With advances in technology, informational databases, and an explosion of accessible surveillance mediums, the number of reliable sources of information continues to grow faster than our collective ability to utilize these tools.

Atlantis Private Investigations utilizes access, experience, and knowledge of these and other intelligence sources to provide our clientele with operational intelligence and to prevent or “counter” its use by others. Practical applications might include an asset assessment of a potential buyer, research of public records to evaluate voting trends of officials, research individual or corporate contributions to political campaigns or ballot initiatives. Other common services include, “secret-shopper” operations to test employee honesty or loyalty, counter-surveillance to minimize access of information to competitors, or preparation of a personal dossier in anticipation of a major contract negotiation.

In a very telling example of the efficacy of good intelligence, we were asked to provide a dossier in anticipation of a major proposal. Our research discovered that the Subject was the victim of one of the State’s most destructive fires. Everything was lost. By utilizing this information, the client was able to formulate a successful message that touched on the idea of loss and rebuilding. These are the subtleties of leverage.