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About Us

Atlantis Private Investigations began as the Atlantis Detective Agency in 2010. Originally a simple partnership between a former military police officer and a trial attorney, Atlantis offered concierge-style services throughout California.

It became clear right away that the field of investigative research needed a client focused approach – it was simple: Ask the client what they need, offer a path to fulfill that need, and then back it in writing. Written estimates became the standard practice and continues to distinguish Atlantis from other investigative firms.

Next, the principles of investigative research were reconsidered in the age of information. With so many sources available and so much misinformation every fact presented needed to have multiple, reproducible sources. Interviews needed to be either recorded or witnessed by a third party. Eyewitness accounts did not exist unless they were supported by video or photographic evidence. Moreover, every report had be prepared so that it could pass legal challenges regarding admissibility in a court of law.

These standards, developed partially out of necessity, are now the standards which Atlantis incorporates into every case. Multiple sources for every fact. Demonstrable evidence for every assertion. Clear and concise report writing.

Additionally, Atlantis’ associate investigators must be properly licensed by the State in which they operate. This means first completing a period of field training and passing a skills test before they are allowed to work on a case. Prior to receiving their license, most will need to log over 6,000 hours of investigative work. Atlantis is more than just an investigation firm, it is a learning environment for the development of a new generation of private investigators. We started off as better because we had to be. We remain better because we want to be.

In the end, Atlantis has successfully adopted the paradigm of a 21st century company without losing the romance of the traditional private eye.

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